OI Conditioner

OI Conditioner

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For all hair types. OI Conditioner is rich and buttery, providing hydration and shine with key ingredient Roucou oil. Benefit: Imparts shine and hydration without weighing hair down Following OI Shampoo, apply evenly to damp hair from lengths to tips, let rest, then rinse thoroughly. Use: Follow with OI Milk or OI Oil.
Ingredients: Roucou Oil. An oil from the fruit of the Amazonian "lipstick tree" äó»—??íë_Œ¬í´íë_íë_í«íš_äó»—??íë_Œ¬í´íë_íë_í«íš_ä???’?äó»í_í_?äó»—??íë_Œ¬í´íë_íë_í«íš__äó»—??íë_Œ¬í´íë_íë_í«íš_ä???’?äó»í_í_í«Œ± aka, the Achiote äó»—??íë_Œ¬í´íë_íë_í«íš_äó»—??íë_Œ¬í´íë_íë_í«íš_ä???’?äó»í_í_?äó»—??íë_Œ¬í´íë_íë_í«íš__äó»—??íë_Œ¬í´íë_íë_í«íš_ä???’?äó»í_í_í«Œ± Roucou Oil is full of beta-carotene & antioxidants. It
strengthens hair and protects against the effects of aging and environmental damage.
Winner of Refinery29's 2015 Beauty Innovator Awards for Go-To Conditioner & InStyle Magazine's 2017 Best Beauty Buys Award for Conditioner for
Normal Hair.

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